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Other collections

Nineteen collections are exhibited along the 20 halls and lounges of the Museum, collections that plunge us into a period that beheld how society, driven by a frantic rhythm, changed at great speed. Apart from chryselephantines, dolls and glass works, the visitors can enjoy a magnificent display of jewelry pieces by Masriera, Fabergé or Lalique workshops, among others. Lockets, brooches and hatpins show the importance of jewelry at the time as sign of high social status: Spanish Elizabethan examples, Art Nouveau earrings and pendants, watches by Patek Philipp or Rolex, Art Déco brooches and a wide range of accessories for women from the first third of the 20th century.

Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum Casa Lis pieces

Furniture by the Nancy School, made at Émile Gallé or Louis Majorelle workshops and Catalonian works by Gaspar Homar or Joan Busquets are shown along with Art Déco examples by artists such as Jaques-Émile Ruhlmann. Vienna bronzes of orientalist themes can also be seen, with guards at the palace doors, monkey vendors, lion hunters or sensual dancers, as well as hunting groups, which were very fashionable at that time, pets, exotic species or humanized animals. Vienna bronzes stand out among them, due to their delicate finishes and their cold paint coating that reveals even the smallest details.

‘Caracteres’. Schafer & Vater. Biscuit policromado. C. 1915. Fotografía: Imagen M.A.S.

Characters, usually made of ‘biscuit’, were designed with a decorative and sometimes a practical application for use as a toothpick, lighters or ashtrays. These affordable pieces that were manufactured around 1915 were very popular and compose the end of an era image with irony and caricature about profound social change. Although the Casa Lis is a museum of decorative arts, in their rooms is are exhibited a small collection of paintings by artists such as Federico Beltrán Masses Teixidor Modesto, Josep Maria Tamburini, Olga Sacharoff or Celso Lagar.

Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum Casa Lis paintings and other pieces.

Translation: Beatriz Hernández Gómez


La Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade que gestiona el Museo Art Nouveau y Art Déco – Casa Lis ha sido distinguida con el “Sello de Comunicación Responsable” otorgado por el Colegio de Periodistas de Castilla y León.



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Claire J. R. Collinet. 'Walkyria". 1920.