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The Foundation

Manuel Ramos Andrade Foundation is named after its donor and patron who generously disposed most of the funds that currently conforms the collection of the Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Déco of Salamanca. Of humble birth, Andrade emigrated to the North of Spain along with his mother and sisters when he had barely started his education. Then, in Chanffalilles, close to Lyon (France), he learnt French and graduated in vocational training, which allowed him to start working as a waiter at a restaurant of the Wagon-Lits Company. This way, he began to travel and developed his taste for discovering new countries, different languages and new environments.

Later on, encouraged by his friends, he travelled to Australia and tried the show business. And it was there that Ramos Andrade found out his passion for antiques: after renting a small venue, he started collecting furniture and other objects that nobody but him considered special. In a short while, he opened more shops and gained the respect of the professionals in the sector.


D. Manuel Ramos Andrade, donor of Museum artworks. Photo: Eduardo Margareto.


However, his life reached a turning-point due to his mother’s illness and he came back to Europe and settled in Barcelona, where he started to purchase porcelain dolls. This was the birth of the collections that are currently exhibited at the Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum, and which took him many years to collect.Thanks to his profession as an antiquarian, he had the chance to examine thousands of pieces and sort those which deserved to be exhibited as real works of art.

Having spent most of his life out of his homeland, Ramos Andrade went back to his origins, donating his collections to the foundation named after him and that manages the Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum. According to his will, this foundation carries out other social functions such as providing social aid to the eldest and scholarships to children of Navasfrias, the village where he was born.

Translation: Beatriz Hernández Gómez



La Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade que gestiona el Museo Art Nouveau y Art Déco – Casa Lis ha sido distinguida con el “Sello de Comunicación Responsable” otorgado por el Colegio de Periodistas de Castilla y León.



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