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The collection exhibited at Art Déco and Art Nouveau Museum is considered to be the best worldwide public collection of porcelain dolls. Manuel Ramos Andrade, who was an expert in the history and evolution of porcelain dolls in Germany and France, rigorously selected himself the best pieces according to their quality, ratity and state of conservation. This collection, conformed by more than 400 pieces, represents the best manufactures. Jumeau, Bru, F. Gaultier, A. Thullier, Schmitt, Steiner or Petit & Dumontier are some of the French famous workshops whose production stands out by the sweetness and delicacy that characterize their biscuit faces.

Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum Casa Lis Dolls.


The German workshops were very representative as well: Simon & Halbig, Heubach, Kestner, Kämer & Reinhardt, Armand Marseille or Bruno Schmidt. Many different models of “character dolls” can be seen at the Museum, dolls whose appearance and expressiveness are very realistic, a concept that varies widely from French dolls; cute Googly and their particular expressions or the Kewpies, adorable Cupids inspired by Rose O’Neill’s drawings. Furthermore, the Museum also exhibits a French automata collection, made by very prestigious workshops such as Roullet & Decamps, Vivhy or Lambert.

‘Cortesana con abanico’. Léopold Lambert y cabeza Jumeau.
Doble melodía. 45 cm. 1885-1900. Fotografía: Óscar J. González

Translation: Beatriz Hernández Gómez


La Fundación Manuel Ramos Andrade que gestiona el Museo Art Nouveau y Art Déco – Casa Lis ha sido distinguida con el “Sello de Comunicación Responsable” otorgado por el Colegio de Periodistas de Castilla y León.



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Claire J. R. Collinet. 'Walkyria". 1920.